why is it so difficult to be sensitive in 2017

We’ll let me explain that to you as clear as I possibly can at this moment. I can feel on a deeper level of consciousness and energies of everyone on this plane and it makes it a bit difficult understanding everyone’s energy at the same time with what they need or desire on a emotional, mental and physical energy bodies and it’s my being of service in order to discern what,who & etc.is required of my abilities to transmute any and all low vibrational frequencies.I just moved into a new townhouse and the first night I felt choking on myself and I didn’t read into but,the extra noises that I am hearing and I just saged the house down, I got upstairs to do is where I felt it the most.the room that I was in was dark in color and it didn’t feel right so the other room has white walls and a kiddie ceiling fan with six of the seven chakras, red,blue,green, orange, yellow ,purple and the ceiling is white I feel at peace and calmness and more relaxed in this space I am safe, I am discerning more quickly and successful.The energy in the other room was dark,sleepy, fatigue and cold.I’m learning how to work with and understand physical pains and how to know longer have them. Is my new mission I can relate to the pains and with the help of #Acupressure it has done wonders.for me being so sensitive it’s difficult to be around other’s who you can feel them dying and understand the pains.I see death all around and not enough positive light and love spreading the planet